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Standardization and process efficiency are key change drivers for the healthcare sector. Increased efficiency is an opportunity to achieve higher quality of service levels. ICT is an indispensable tool in this evolution. Many processes have already been automated and standardized. The current challenge, however, is to align all the parts within the healthcare process with support of IT.

The administration and support services, for instance laboratories, have already been computerized. Now it is the turn of the core business, the “production” process –  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Electronic Health Record (EHR). Especially packages such as the EHR provide the sector with the necessary innovation, but are also the source of many worries. This is mainly due to the fact that business critical applications that run throughout the whole organization are now a main point of discussion.

Xedis is convinced that in this case, a program approach is best fit to do the job. The program will consist in creating a roadmap containing all the projects that need to be carried out. These include:

  • Drawing up specifications for the EHR package
  • Package selection
  • Supplier follow-up (contractual, progress meetings, quality control of deliveries, etc.)

Apart from completing these projects, specific attention must be paid to the ‘management of change’. Every stakeholder within the hospital (doctors, nurses, administration, management, medical board, etc.) will become an interested party. That is why ‘buy-in’ and inclusion is crucial for the success of this Program. Finally we need to make sure that the set expectations of this program approach are met.

Is your IT department ready to successfully conclude the implementation of an EHR-project by means of projects? (Taken into account the fact that it runs throughout the entire organization and that clear agreements with the business are necessary). And is your IT department ready to support such systems afterwards in a business-/service oriented way?

We believe we are a good partner for you to address these challenges for the following reasons:

  • We are not a product/package distributor and thus able to position ourselves independently.
  • We also have experience in the guidance of these projects in other sectors, such as energy & utilities and media.
  • We have experience in terms of guiding complex projects/programs (comparable to the implementation of EHR or ERP systems) where ‘management of change’ is of vital importance.

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