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‘Operation excellence’ has become a key issue in the healthcare sector. Cost-cutting and the need to provide improvements in services (motto ‘twice as good, in half the time, for half as much’) are the general trends, whether we applaud this or not.  The IT-department can play an important role when it comes down to enabling “intelligent” savings. By implementing a business/service oriented way of working, the IT-department can proove the added value of its services.

Next to higher service levels at a lower cost, the healthcare sector faces other challenges as well like e.g. the implementation of an ERP and/or EPD solution. These solutions will have a considerable impact on the organization, because they reach through the entire health facility.

When implementing new solutions, attention must be paid to the management of change. A mature and efficient IT-department is the prerequisite for a successful change trajectory since these changes are ‘business-critical’ to the organization. The importance of both the implementation of the projects and programs as the necessary tools and processes to organize the support cannot be underestimated. 

Xedis can execute an assessment for a specified operational domain (e.g. projects, service management, governance, program management or portfolio management, etc.), that usually takes no longer than a few weeks. This assessment provides you with the blueprint to formulate and plan your strategy and the consecutive actions.

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