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      KPIs for healthcare

As a result of initiatives and recommendations of both government as umbrella organizations  (ICURO and Zorgnet Vlaanderen), a first set of quality indicators was defined for hospitals. In the long term, hospitals are expected to report on these quality indicators, enabling the patients to base their choice for a hospital on objective criteria. In other words, the quality indicators will be become an important differentiator in the health care sector.

‘To measure is to know’! By measuring the quality indicators, a hospital will be capable to assess the quality of it services. Starting from a ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ cycle, the hospital can consequently start a continuous process of improvement.

IT support is crucial to enable hospitals to measure, process and publish the quality indicators on a regular base from a multitude of objective data. The vast variety of quality indicators (for different disciplines) can only be addressed by Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence tools.

Xedis has the experience to implement the necessary project management tools to allow you to use the indicators to improve the quality of your service. For more information, feel free to contact us via contact us

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